James Patrick "Jamie" Maguire (born 27 October 1978) is the oldest son of the notorious Maguire family, the son of Paddy and Mimi Maguire, and recently returned after serving a ten-year prison sentence for murder. Much to his parents' disgust, he appeared to be reformed, rejected his family, got a job as a barman at "The Jockey", began training as a probation officer, and became engaged to his colleague, Karen Jackson. Jamie is the brother of Mickey, Donny, Joey, and Shane, as well as the late Fergal and Mandy.

Jamie has a tendency to sleepwalk on occasion. Something which his future spouse, Karen Jackson, would witness first-hand during his first night of living at the Jockey.

In the last episode of series 4, Jamie revealed that he had admitted his guilt in order to get parole so that he could hunt down his father's three former cellmates, who were planning to muscle in on Paddy's territory and dispose of him. His new reformed life was a sham to cover his murders of these three men. Karen assumed that his courtship of her was part of this pretence, but Jamie claimed that he really loved her and they were married at the end of the episode.

Despite being portrayed as one of the warmer of the Maguire family, Jamie has become somewhat of a dark and aggressive character, possibly due to him taking on the family business while his father was going cold turkey when recovering from drug addiction.

Jamie was released from prison after serving a ten-year sentence for murder. He first made his appearance in series 4, which was set in 2007. This means he was sentenced in 1997. When Paddy Maguire, was planning on seeking revenge against the people who he thought had killed Fergal, he told him that had spent his entire 20's in prison. And was "not going to let his fucked-up family make him do something that he did not want to. Ever again." And threatened to rip off Paddy's head if he planned to continue with this cause of action. Paddy relented.

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