Karen Maguire (née Jackson) (born 12 June 1988), is the daughter of Sheila Gallagher and her second husband, Eddie Jackson. Nigel and Delia are her half-brother and sister. She is Lip's girlfriend in series 1, and seduces Frank Gallagher, along with many others. She then leaves to stay with her grandmother but returns to work at The Jockey, the local pub.

Karen becomes considerably more mature in series 4, at the end of which she marries the recently freed Jamie Maguire, with whom she co-runs the pub.

Season 5 sees her becoming increasingly, albeit grudgingly more integrated with the Maguire family and their somewhat violent way of life.

Karen suffers a miscarriage early in season 6, then has an affair with her sister-in-law, Mandy's, boyfriend. She ends her affair with Joe by threatening him that if the Maguires see any bruises on Mandy they'll kill him. She gets back with Jamie with the help of Mickey. The last episode of series 6 reveals Karen to be once again pregnant; however she is unsure whether the father is Jamie Maguire or Joe.

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