Norma Starkey (born 18 July 1969) is a lorry driver, possibly from Newcastle upon Tyne, which although it was never explicitly stated onscreen, she does possess a strong North East accent. Norma was also previously Monica's lesbian lover, after her split from Frank (which she in fact aided). She followed Monica back to the Gallagher home in series 4, and now lives in the Dormobile in the garden. Having initially been characterised as a strong-willed and capable woman, Norma is now increasingly portrayed as weak and helpless. In series 4, Norma revealed that before her relationship with Monica, she spent time in prison.

In series 6, Monica, feeling underappreciated, has fled the Gallagher household once more. Despite feeling abandoned by the only woman she loves, Norma has thus far elected to remain at the Gallagher house, having grown attached to most of the family.

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