Yvonne Karib (born 1 April 1965) was married to Kash Karib, with whom she has two children, Chesney and Meena. She owns and runs the local shop, Karib's Cash and Carry, featured in the series, and previously employedIan Gallagher, her husband's gay lover. At first she was angry to discover Kash was gay, but later accepted it to keep her marriage together for her childrens' sake. She is a hard-nosed businesswoman who is not averse to breaking the law to make a bit of extra profit.

Yvonne converted to Islam to marry Kash, and is far more devout than her now estranged husband. Although white, she always wears Asian dress and was originally never seen without a hijab, although she no longer wears one.

It is implied that Yvonne came from a racist family, due to her refusal to go home to them after being made homeless in the last episode of series 4. During this episode, Yvonne moved into the house between the Gallaghers and the Maguires after arranging to rent it from Fiona and Steve. Season 5 sees her begin a relationship with police officer Stan Waterman, despite the fact that she is technically still married to Kash, who it is revealed faked his own death to escape creditors.

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